The Bonnie Wheeler Fellowship was created when some fellow medievalists at scholarly institutions in North America joined with former students and friends of this beloved professor to develop a valuable way to honor her as she entered the fourth decade of her distinguished teaching career.

The Fellowship began to take shape under the leadership of an expanded Advisory Committee. The Dallas Foundation was selected as administrator of the Fellowship fund. Dr. Wheeler learned about the Fellowship for the first time in May 2009 when she was honored at the International Congress on Medieval Studies with the announcement of this fund's genesis as well as the news that a festschrift (a collection of scholarly essays) would be published in her honor. Magistra Doctissima: Essays in Honor of Bonnie Wheeler–the first of two festschrifts in her honorwas published in 2013.

The current board members are: Dorrie Armstrong, Jeffery Jerome Cohen, Chick Chickering, Jo Goyne, Valerie Hotchkiss, Katie Keene, Don Stone, Anne B. Yardley, and Bonnie Wheeler.  

Good News!
As of 2022, the stipend amount is $25,000. Consider helping us grow the fund by contributing. The Dallas Foundation has wisely invested our funds and charges very low administrative costs. No one associated with the Fellowship is compensated in any way for their efforts. All events associated with the fellowship are privately subsidized. We have been especially honored by a gift from our first donor, Lorraine K. Stock, that more than covered the stipend she received.

Of interest to prospective applicants: a previous Wheeler Fellow was able to use her award to leverage further financial support from her home institution. In the case of all recipients, the award staff alerts the Fellow's home institution, and thus we bring a perceived inequity explicitly to their attention. In one case, this resulted in swift promotion for the Fellow. We encourage all Fellows to make their award well known on their home campuses.

Finally, the current success of the Fellowship and the strength of applicants has led such prior donors as Don and Norma Stone to make generous annual pledges. More pledges like theirs might enable us in the future to offer more than one Fellowship per year. See the Donate page for how you can help. Thanks!